Thursday, November 21, 2019

Determinants of Capital Structure of Listed Saudi Arabian Companies Dissertation - 1

Determinants of Capital Structure of Listed Saudi Arabian Companies - Dissertation Example This study seeks to discover whether or not there is such a significant effect. In the study, the independent variables identified were seven financial and economic firm indicators, while the dependent variable proxy for capital structure is the leverage or level of debt capital relative to the total capitalization of the firm. Multivariate regression modelling was employed in the assessment of which variables proved significant in determining capital structure, and in what direction it tended to influence the firm’s debt. The dissertation concludes that firm size is the most significant determinant across three of the five industrial sectors, followed by profitability which is a significant determinant for two sectors. Of the remaining, four factors were significant for one sector each. Manufacturing and industrial firms are significantly related to four determinants, the most of any other sector. Retail and services has two significant determinants, while the other three sec tors have one each. Firm size relates to higher debt, while profitability relates to lower debt. Acknowledgements Table of Contents Abstract 2 Acknowledgements 4 Table of Contents 5 Chapter 1: Introduction 8 1.1Chapter overview 8 8 1.2 Background of the research problem 8 1.3 Research problem 10 1.4 Research objectives 10 1.6 Significance of the study 11 1.7 Scope and limitation 11 1.8 Chapter summary 11 Chapter 2: Literature Review 12 2.1 Chapter overview 12 2.2 Review of existing theories on capital structure policy determination. 12 2.3 Corporate control as a factor in capital structure determination 15 2.4 Evidence from different countries 16 2.5 Determinants of capital structure 20 2.6 Determinants of capital structure in Saudi Arabian companies 25 2.7 Chapter Summary 28 Chapter 3: Methodology 31 3.1 Chapter Overview 31 3.2 Research Design

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